FRONTEO is a publicly traded global technology and services company specializing in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Information Governance, Managed Review, and Consulting for the eDiscovery market.

FRONTEO’s Mission Statement

FRONTEO is driven from a service-oriented culture that continues to aim higher and brighter to develop leading-edge technology and market best services creating immense value for our clients, employees, consumers and shareholders.

Our focus, defined by our name, is to look to the future and innovate around how to even further apply our AI technology to Legal and other business verticals. Within Legal, we’ll be continuing to refine our technology assisted review process, predictive analytics and Business Intelligence. We continue to develop our FRONTEO TRUST Business Intelligence Portal with enhanced reporting for database usage, spend and project management, to provide visibility and actionable reporting to our clients. In other verticals like healthcare, retail and marketing, we’ll be implementing our Artificial Intelligence technology to help make the world a better place, and add value for our clients.    We are moving forward to a brighter future!

  • By providing advanced technologies and business intelligence capabilities into our extensive eDiscovery services, we will increase our customers’ enterprise value
  • KIBIT, our artificial intelligence engine, has an unsurpassed ability to understand a person’s experiences and to analyze that data for a better understanding of consumer behavior
  • At FRONTEO, we take the initiative to be at the leading edge of technology to revolutionize the future experiences of all our clients

CEO Message

This is an exciting time for all of us at FRONTEO.  Our new brand is in place, our teams are merged and integrated, and we continue to develop new technologies and services to make e-Discovery more efficient and effective. We are also investing in new markets that promise to change the landscape of many new vertical markets powered by our AI engine KIBIT and purpose-built applications that bring new insights to businesses and consumers. And of course, we are staying very focused on our clients and are committed to taking both our technology and our dedication to customer service to a whole new level.

All of us at FRONTEO work as one unified team to proactively take on challenges and actively work to achieve our goal of making the company a global leader in information analysis. On behalf of our board of directors and employees, I look forward to working with each one of our clients and hope you continue to enjoy the journey with us at FRONTEO. Thank you for your continued support and we are certain that we’ll have a very bright future together.

Naritomo Ikeue

Our Management team consists of experts from a wide range of disciplines, including legal, technical, and financial backgrounds. The entire FRONTEO team is dedicated to providing exceptional client support.