FRONTEO’s eDiscovery provides end-to-end expertise to assist law firms and corporate legal departments. At every step in the eDiscovery lifecycle, FRONTEO delivers the technology and know-how you need to succeed.

Managed Review & Staffing

Managed Review is much more than a room filled with contract reviewers plowing through documents while trying to meet volume standards. It requires a commitment to building and retaining a global full-time staff with the education and experience to deliver the best possible outcome for every project, every time.

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AI-assisted Review

We have helped a number of clients with our proprietary AI solution that works on CJK and English which could cut review time in half while improving review quality and providing better control over the process.

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Preservation & Legal Hold

Preservation and legal hold done properly at the beginning of a case prevents costly production issues and potential sanctions later on. Managing preservation and legal holds by spreadsheet is not reliable or scalable. Fortunately, in today’s environment technology can enable better results.

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Forensic Collection

Forensic collection is the physical acquisition of digital data using methodologies that satisfy evidentiary requirements relating to chain-of-custody and authentication. It requires expertise and a defensible process, and when done right, sets the tone for overall project efficiency.

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Properly processing ESI may result in the reduction of electronic document collections by as much as 80%. The benefit: a significant reduction in the amount of professional time required to review data collections.

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Secure Hosting

As eDiscovery continues to evolve, one thing is certain, the amount of data you need to house is ever increasing. A hosting partner that meets your needs today, and has the capacity to handle your needs tomorrow, is critical to the continuity of your eDiscovery projects.

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Document production is where all the hours of time and effort you have invested in document review come to fruition. In most cases there are last minute changes, high pressure deadlines, and serious consequences you will want to avoid for failing to meet production obligations.

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Managed Services

FRONTEO’s Managed Services Partnership (MSP) delivers cost predictability and assures compliance with budget commitments while leveraging the expertise of both your in-house capabilities and our professional staff.


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