Preservation & Legal Hold

Difficult to track legal holds in a spreadsheet? Imagine a site where executives, staff, and legal teams all have access to pending hold requests. Simplifying the process of preserving ESI ensures a better outcome for any size project.

FRONTEO Expertise

The FRONTEO Preservation Team develops workflow-driven legal hold methodologies to safeguard potential evidence. Doing so ensures the data is captured in a legally defensible manner and is not destroyed or altered in any way. The FRONTEO Preservation Team:

  • Automates manual legal hold processes, ensuring appropriate notifications, reminders, and escalations are distributed to custodians
  • Combines experience with technology to deliver increased productivity and data protection
  • Routinely performs code and encryption-cracking, searches for and retrieves elusive data, determines potential deletion of files, and recovers deleted files
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Advanced Preservation Solution

Utilizing advanced technology tools, FRONTEO’s Preservation Team:

  • Develops detailed preservation policies to fit specific needs
  • Works with clients to collect or lock down data
  • Conducts ongoing audits to ensure custodians are following the process
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