KIBIT Automator (AI-assisted Review)

KIBIT Automator (KAM) is a technology solution provided through FRONTEO's review service – by incorporating our proprietary KIBIT AI technology with operations optimized to its service model

KIBIT : Efficient AI Technology

Requires a small volume of training data, and a very short amount of time to train and score the total target population.

One Package AI Solution

Integrating AI functions (AI training, supporting data cut-off by AI, and review assist by Sentence Highlight and Tag Recommendation) in one package.

Visualized QC (Heat Map)

QC can be conducted visually by using Heat Map to compare human and AI tagging. Easy to spot potential mistakes per reviewer

Integrated & Supported Defensibility

Defensibility within 3 functions of KAM: Hybrid Sampling, Assisted Learning, Analysis Visualization (Recall/Precision etc.) and supported by comprehensive reporting ensures that performance is documented and understandable throughout

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