FRONTEO Commences Drug Repositioning Research on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Using Best-In-Class AI

At FRONTEO, we use our expertise and proprietary technology to deliver creative custom solutions for our partners and clients. For us, we build solutions that are as unique as each of our clients. We look at a client’s specific challenges, needs, and situation. From there, we utilize our data capabilities and analysis to create better workflows so they are prepared to handle any situation.

Our natural language processing AI engines KIBIT® and conceptencoder®, power all of our solutions and tools in the legaltech and life sciences spaces. The engines are made up of AI technologies that perform learning and assessment processes and know-how that have been accumulated and systematically organized through practical human data analysis.

With that architecture, our AI is able to learn the subtleties and nuances of human thoughts from a small volume of training data. In fact, our AI engines are harnessed with the goal of producing groundbreaking results in life sciences:

  • We are using AI to reposition drug research aimed at thwarting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Our AI can analyze molecular, genetic, and other information related to various diseases; a process that takes research scientists a long time to conduct.  In a fraction of that time, our AI is capable of visualizing this information in the form of a pathway map and as a tool to help research efforts.
  • We recently partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical to revolutionize the drug discovery process. Takeda will utilize a new drug discovery support tool, powered by our proprietary AI engine.  Large amounts of text data can be analyzed for patterns and differences which will increase efficiency and the construction of new data-driven hypotheses. We believe this partnership will become the standard in drug discovery, leading to innovation and millions of lives saved.
  • We also announced the creation of The Dementia Diagnosis Support System in partnership with Kyowa Pharmaceutical. This diagnostic system, powered by our proprietary AI engine, will be able to predict the presence and severity of cognitive impairment from a 5-10-minute conversation between a doctor and patient. It is the world’s first system designed to diagnose dementia using natural language.

No two clients or situations are alike. But the ability of our AI to analyze, interpret, and organize data allows for greater efficiency, increased efficacy, and new discoveries.

Beyond life sciences, our AI technology supports evidence preservation, investigation, and analysis of electronic data necessary for all types of litigations, as well as digital forensic investigations.  In eDiscovery, the need for automation is necessary and easy to see, but the true value comes from the interpretation of the analytics in the review phase and using it as a strategy in litigation. We are producing best in class solutions for clients overseas and for legal clients here in the United States.

Please visit the Newsroom for additional information on FRONTEO’s groundbreaking AI.