Secure Remote Review in Light of COVID-19

By leveraging Google Cloud’s secure environment, FRONTEO’s Managed Review offering has quickly and efficiently adapted to these challenging times by allowing document review on critical litigations to continue without missing a beat. FRONTEO is committed to fight the COVID-19 crisis and keep the health and safety of their clients and employees a top priority.

To protect our employees and continue to serve our clients, we have migrated our Managed Review Service operations in the United States to a work-from-home (WFH) solution based on Google Cloud, the world’s largest, most reliable and secure cloud network.  

FRONTEO’s remote solution allows our attorneys to work in a secure, virtual environment with IP tracking, activity monitoring and a locked-down system that prevents that saving or printing of data. Additionally, we have dedicated staff monitoring remote review attorney activities and performance to ensure continuance support and service for clients and their projects. 

FRONTEO leverages secure Windows virtual desktops and apps to our remote review attorneys on their personal devices – anytime, anywhere – via the Google Cloud. We protect sensitive data stored solely in the cloud, away from user devices with enhanced security features including:

  • Uncompromising security controls. Our review attorneys use advanced multi-factor authentication to access FRONTEO’s virtual environment. 
  • Comprehensive auditing monitoring and tracking. All activity (logins, logouts, user activity, disconnects, etc.) are centrally stored in secure, ISO-certified Google data centers. To provide an added layer of security, we have a dedicated team perform audits on these secured records to locate any suspicious activity. 
  • Project separation. Further enhancing security, all users are allocated to a unique and isolated remote desktop session to eliminate the potential for data overlap between users and client projects. 
  • Secure Remote Connectivity.  Any connections made within Google Cloud leverages Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt communications from the remote machine. 
  • Endpoint Security. We enforce endpoint security to perform (1) data protection and (2) malware protection providing greater assurance into securing the endpoint. 

For additional information on how FRONTEO is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here.