Tackle Impossible Deadlines with KIBIT-Powered AI

The Challenge

A team of two attorneys faced a tight budget and an even tighter deadline. Close of discovery loomed, and extensive document review was required even after applying a narrow, targeted set of search terms. At an average review speed of 50 docs/hour, the two attorneys would have had to work 24 hours per day, seven days per week for the entire three weeks to meet the deadline.

  • Two attorneys needed to review 50,000 documents in three weeks.
  • Due to client demands, only two attorneys were authorized to review the dataset.
  • Narrowing the search terms further was not a defensible course of action.

The FRONTEO Solution

FRONTEO tailors its offerings to each client. For this project, the team was able to:

  • Implement an AI-enhanced workflow utilizing its proprietary AI tool, KIBIT Automator, to identify and exclude roughly  50% of the non-responsive documents slated for doc-by-doc human review, resulting in a 35% reduction of the total population for human review.
  • Quickly identify source code attachments and empty files for bulk tagging.
  • Batch similar documents together and configure their review workspace to facilitate an increased review speed.
  • Prioritize incorrectly coded privileged documents for QC.

The Client’s Results:

96.7% to 99.8% recall: Elusion testing at the end of the AI-assisted review indicated the attorneys identified and produced over 96% of the responsive documents in the population.

Reduce review population by 70%: Roughly70% of the total population was excluded from human review, allowing the team of two attorneys to meet an impossible deadline.

Accelerated human review: The lead attorney reviewed KIBIT-prioritized batches at a rate two times faster than the rate for the random sample, while the average review speed increased by over 70%.

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