We’re bringing Smarter AI to Legalweek New York 2020

Legalweek is where thousands of legal professionals gather to learn the latest & greatest trends and technologies in the legal industry. FRONTEO is excited to showcase how we use AI to drive legal discovery forward.

The field of eDiscovery is undergoing rapid technological and cultural changes. A room filled with reviewers poring over thousands of emails, documents and other types of data using keyword searches is not enough anymore. Both law firms and legal departments need service partners with the expertise and experience to do battle in today’s litigation environment. This requires sophisticated technology, too.

At FRONTEO, technology is the key to efficiency and defensibility. We intelligently leverage AI, including our proprietary KIBIT Automator, to cut review time by up to fifty percent while improving review quality and providing better control over the process.

It starts at the beginning. We automate document preservation and legal holds at the outset of a case, so that you have a reliable data set—and can avoid potential sanctions downstream. Our methods satisfy evidentiary requirements concerning chain-of-custody and authentication. Getting it right early sets the proper tone for the rest of the case.

Using Smarter AI via our KIBIT AI engine we then process your data set. This results in fewer documents, with greater relevance, for review. In turn, our clients spend significantly less time during the discovery review phase leveraging KIBIT Automator’s AI technology. Most importantly, FRONTEO’s professionals work with your team through every stage to ensure the best results.

Come visit us at Booth 2309; we’ll show you how it works. Or schedule a demo in advance; email us at usinfo@fronteo.com.